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General home upkeep sounds simple enough: remember to put away the dishes, find some time to vacuum, and don’t neglect the dust accumulating on your furniture. But it only takes a little for these simple tasks to spiral out of control. And even if you keep up with your smaller cleaning duties, how often are you giving attention to every area of your home?

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If you realize you’re struggling to remember the last time you cleaned your ceiling fans, know you’re not alone. Deep cleaning is necessary for every homeowner, no matter how good you are at staying on top of chores.

The question is: do you have the time or energy to do it? Just thinking about the extensive list of tasks involved in deep cleaning is enough for anyone to continue putting it off until they can’t take it anymore.

Happy Home Maid Service thinks it doesn’t have to get that far. As the dirt and grime in your home become more apparent, you can rest assured knowing that there is a solution on hand that’s just a quick call away.

Our residential deep cleaning services guarantee that you can start again with a sparkling clean slate. As a result, you can finally tick off some of the significant, looming chores that have been causing you stress.

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How Is a Deep Cleaning Different?

Happy Home Maid Service is extremely thorough with every service we provide. This often leads customers to wonder why someone should opt for a deep clean over our other options.

The answer is simple: deep cleaning services get a handle on everything our regular cleaning services do but with some extra power behind them. Deep cleans are where we begin to address the few-times-a-year tasks that are hard for you to get around to but affect how you feel in your home.

Do I Need a Deep Cleaning Service?

Everyone can benefit from a deep clean a few times a year. But some people will benefit more from our maid services than others, and we highly recommend you contact us if you recognize yourself in these situations.

The first reason to seek a deep clean is if you need help keeping up with your chore list. If everyone you know is in full swing with spring cleaning, but you just can’t find the time, a deep cleaning service can help you stay on top of things.

Finding the time in your jam-packed schedule is impossible for some. But even if it’s not, deep cleaning takes up much of your already precious time, so it’s wise to outsource this to Happy Home Maid Service professionals.

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We also recommend reaching out if you need help remembering the last time your home had a deep cleaning from you or a professional. If this sounds like your situation, chances are you know it’s time but are avoiding it because you don’t want to take care of it yourself.

It’s important to know that you don’t have to. Letting the pros take care of it is an excellent way to let yourself off the hook and treat yourself to a home you can feel proud to live in.

Deep cleans are also excellent to do before or after having visitors. Long-term visits from friends or family can be stressful if you’re concerned about them judging your home. And other get-togethers like parties at your home can have to-do lists so long that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Call Happy Home Maid Service and we’ll make sure your space is ready for even the most scrutinizing eyes.

What Makes It a Deep Clean?

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With a deep clean, you'll first get all of the services included in our basic cleaning package, including:

  • Floors swept, vacuumed, and mopped
    Sinks, countertops, and mirrors wiped down
  • Bathroom fixtures sanitized and shower walls scrubbed
  • Kitchen appliances cleaned
    Trash changed
  • Beds made and linens changed
  • Window sills and baseboards dusted

When you schedule a deep clean, our professionals pay extra care and attention to detail in the following ways:

  • A more detailed dusting (light fixtures, lamp shades, picture frames, etc.)
  • Glass, doors, and inside windows cleaned
    Furniture and knick-knacks dusted from top to bottom
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets cleaned
  • We also hand wash baseboards, doors, trim, and cabinetry in Kitchen and Bathrooms
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We promise to get absolutely everything with our deep clean. And if there’s something you don’t see on our lists that needs doing, we’re more than happy to accommodate you.

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We don’t just deep clean your home at Happy Home Maid Service: we restore it. Cross the chores off your to-do list and replace them with this simple hack: call Happy Home Maid Service and schedule your deep cleaning today.

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