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Fotor 2023 5 27 3 42 19 Everyone knows that moving is no picnic — even when you’re excited to start the next chapter of your life. There’s always so much to worry about in your new place and the one you currently live in.

You’re often too busy packing, running errands, or switching over utilities to remember the more detailed cleaning you wanted to do before the big day. So when it finally comes, you end up moving into a dirty home or leaving another family with your mess.

Neither situation is ideal; you and the new owners of your home both deserve to start your new life in a comfortable environment. With our specialty cleaning services for those moving to a new place, Happy Home Maid Services makes this process a cinch.

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Why Hire Cleaning Services When You Move?

Cleaning every inch of a home while simultaneously trying to pack or unpack everything you own is not an experience everyone enjoys. But what are some main reasons homeowners call Happy Home Maid Service for their move-in and out cleaning needs? Here are a few good examples of the benefits of booking a cleaning with the pros.

Unpack the Stress

There will undoubtedly be stressful moments during your move, but the cleaning process doesn’t need to be one of them. If you want to give your new or old space a proper clean, you’ll have somehow to fit that time within a relatively short window.

And for many, this is a window into which you’re already cramming numerous other tasks. Selling your home and looking for a new one is already such an exhausting experience that no one wants to put more on their plate when they’re going through it.

Ideal for Rental Properties

A homeowner might want their place to be clean before they leave, but a renter needs it to be. A professional cleaning will dramatically increase the odds of having your deposit returned and being able to use your landlord as a reference. If you own the home you’re leaving and intend to rent it out, a deep cleaning can make the space much more attractive to prospective renters.

Start Fresh

No one wants to move into an unclean space. But few have the energy to do a deep clean of their new home in time for moving day. Calling Happy Home Maid Service for all your cleaning needs during a move can fix this conundrum instantly. We will get in before you and ensure that your home is pristine and ready!

Great for Selling or Flipping

The cleaner the home, the more inviting it is to an interested buyer. Suppose that you’re moving out or have already vacated and intend to sell or flip your space. In that case, a professional cleaning can help your home look camera-ready for photos and discerning eyes. This cleaning is perfect after flipping since you’ve already put so much effort into the space and could likely use a break.

What You Get with a Professional Moving Cleaning

Happy Home Maid Service gets everything clean, down to the last detail. That means everything gets undivided attention at some point during the clean. We always include our starter cleaning services in other packages to ensure we get a good base clean. After that, we’ll dust every surface, clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans, and wet wipe the trim and doors.

Baseboards are another significant hurdle for homeowners, and moving is usually when you have to face the music. It’s an intense and prolonged task that many find they simply will need more time to fit into their schedule. Happy Home Maid Services ensures all baseboards or other woodwork and trim get some love. Cleaning of the inside refrigerator and oven is included in our Move-in/out cleanings.

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If you’re moving in and concerned about the state of the new place, having our team take care of the larger tasks like dusting the stairs and hallways or hunting down cobwebs can make a huge difference.

We also acknowledge that no two homes or homeowners are the same; if something is pressing that you need us to clean, chat with us beforehand, and we’ll find a way to get it done for you!

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