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Residential Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning

Fotor 2023 5 29 4 0 2 Cleaning your home is the chore that never ends. It can be enjoyable for some, but even the most committed cleaner finds themselves burnt out from the constant upkeep. And when you start to factor in errands, work, and other obligations, you realize just how much of your free time is spent cleaning.

While many homeowners could view residential cleaning as something extra or a treat, giving yourself more freedom and energy throughout your week shouldn’t be an indulgence. In reality, it’s a form of self-care that transforms how you live your life.

Happy Home Maid Service won’t just leave your home impossibly clean; it will also give you precious time to rest, enjoy your passions, or handle more pressing items on your to-do list.

Regardless, our residential cleaning services give our clients one particular gift: opportunity. What you do with this new time is up to you, but we’ll do whatever it takes to get you a cleaner, happier home — and life.

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Some Surprising Benefits of Hiring Home Cleaners

Time is the most valuable currency, and hiring a professional cleaner is a surefire way to have more of it. But that’s not the only reason homeowners love hiring Happy Home Maid Service. Even the most relaxed, carefree clients find numerous benefits in outsourcing their home’s cleaning needs.

Down to the Finest Detail

You may be feeling satisfied with your current cleaning regimen. But how often do you just go through the motions versus ensuring that everything is spotless?

It is understandable that you would only sometimes have the energy to clean every inch of your home. But this also means that some sections of your space inevitably need to be addressed more often.

A home cleaner’s mission is to find all those forlorn areas and bring them into top shape. This is good news for those who don’t mind doing the dishes but keep pretending not to see those dusty baseboards; you can finally let yourself off the hook.

Happy home maid service dirtytoilet before Happy home maid service dirtytoilet after

Expend Energy or Expenses?

Adding a home cleaner to your budget can feel like a luxury. But that’s only if you’re looking at the cost from one angle. The time and energy required to clean a home can often exhaust you and keep you from being your best self. It’s not always worth the cost of doing something yourself if it means you will be a worse version of yourself that day.

Also, purchasing cleaning products or other specialty equipment isn’t necessarily cheap. Those with larger homes understand that struggle all too well, and you can avoid it by hiring a maid service.
Happy Home Maid Service will never require you to keep certain products or equipment on hand. We’ll always bring our own, and our cleaning supplies are the best in the industry.

A Peek Inside a Residential Home Cleaning Appointment

Many wonder what a cleaner will actually do once they arrive at your home. Happy Home Maid Service allows all our clients in for a peak behind the curtain so they can know what to expect to be clean when we finish. For our recurring cleaning services, we address every room without missing an inch.


The kitchen is almost always the room in your home that needs the most upkeep. We help with that by cleaning the oft-forgotten areas like the front of your oven and dishwasher or countertop appliances. The usual suspects also receive our undivided attention — you can always expect pristine counters, floors, baseboards, and windowsills.


The bathroom comes in second for the neediest space, but it is undoubtedly the room you want to keep the cleanest. We leave no tile unturned, sanitizing and scrubbing every fixture. We’ll also scrub the tub, shower, and surrounding walls to fight soap scum and mold.

Bedrooms, Living Room, and Office

Our primary mission in these rooms is to eliminate dust bunnies. Everything is swept, vacuumed, and mopped. We’ll also clean underneath any furniture if possible and change linens, and make beds in up to two rooms (you can add more to your service if you’d like).

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Happiness Starts at Home

Happy Home Maid Service wants to put a smile on every homeowner’s face with our professional recurring cleaning services. Our team can also provide additional customized services if you have specific parts of your home you’d like us to clean; we always aim to accommodate wherever possible. We invite you to discuss your home cleaning needs with us today!

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